Welcome to CFFET’s Water Operations homepage!

This site provides information for trainees and client managers who have entered into training with CFFET (Hunter TAFE). All information regarding the training we deliver from the National Water Package 2007 (NWP07) can be obtained from this site.

How to use this site…

You will see two menus above. The very top one provides links to information about the training package (NWP07) and would generally be used by client managers or staff associated with the administration or mentoring side of the training, and the bottom menu is aimed at the trainees themselves, providing links to specific clients, courses or units via the dropdown menus.

What can trainees find on this site?

Most importantly, trainees can find out what they need to do for their trainer/assessors. Each unit (which can be found via the ‘client’, ‘course’ or ‘unit’ pathways) will contain specific information (such as evidence tasks) for the trainee to perform. Other information can also be found, such as contact information for the trainer/assessor(s), theory notes (if applicable) or links to relevant sites on the internet (such as OHS).

What can managers and client staff find?

Well, there is a lot, so, to summarise, you can find information such as;

  • Info about CFFET
  • Contact information
  • Training package rules and conditions
  • Enterprise agreement information
  • Assessment informaiton
  • Much more

So have a look around, if you get lost, just hit the Home menu button and start all over again.